About Us

Welcome to Bushido Academy Oxford.  Here we encourage anyone who wants  to learn martial arts in an environment free of fear and competition.

To create an environment for like spirits to train incredible skill, develop awesome power and learn harmonious movement.   The Artistic Expression of the Warrior Way created by you for you.

The Bushido Academy Oxford was opened in 2008 and has gone from strength to strength growing into an established club in Oxford.  A proud member of the B.A.M.A. governing body, our standards are ensured through continuous assessment and continuous training of the instructors and a passion to bring out the best in all who come to train.  The environment has nothing to do with violence but everything to do with discovering and freeing ones own inner strengths and abilities and discovering the power within by training at the very best technical standard of martial arts.

Celebrating our connection to life, we learn through Aikido, through Sword, through the combat arts and through modern western philosophy and positivity.  We express ourselves through ever more graceful and powerful movement and growing skill and on that journey to find just how good we can be, we discover hidden power and depths within ourselves.