New Students

Our students are ordinary people like you who were looking for something extraordinary in their lives. They came in for a class and discovered that they were capable of amazing things.  This is going to be an exciting new experience for you and has nothing to do with your initial fitness, mobility, flexibility or size.  As with any undertaking, it has everything to do with your attitude and approach.

Whether you are an existing martial artist looking for something new and inspirational or a complete beginner, we offer unique and modern martial arts, ahead of its time with no violence, no cages and no fear.  A way of exploring the physical perfection of the warrior way at the highest level of perfection and power and a home to modern Western spiritual positivity and well being.  Together, we seek security and confidence through physical and mental harmony.

The following FAQs will answer any questions you might have about coming in for your first class.

Do I need to pre-book a class?

For the club session, you do not have to pre-book the class.

Is there an age limit?

There is no upper age limit and the lower age limit 18. We teach adult martial arts that are unsuitable for children and we are only insured for adult students.

What should I wear and bring? How should I prepare?

Bring loose plain clothing suitable for moving in. You do not need to bring anything else with you in order to train. As with any physical activity, ensure that you are hydrated and it is best not to indulge in any heavy food a couple of hours before training.

The most important thing you can do to prepare yourself is to come to the class with a positive attitude ready to improve yourself.

What should I expect from my first class?

Your first class is complimentary. Each club class is a 60 minute session that generally comprises of a warm up, skill practice and kata (forms). Men and women of all levels practice together at the club level. Be prepared to work hard and learn and take away with you something to work on for next time.

How often should I practice?

This is entirely up to you and will depend on what you are looking to get out of the training. Some students practice once a week and others attend every session and the workshops. Whatever your level of commitment, we encourage students to practice at home what they have learned in a class.

Unlike many Aiki styles, we teach Kata (forms) that are increasingly challenging through the grades. This allows our students to take the practice home and continually improve skill, fitness, flexibility, power and harmonious movement.

To be an expert Martial Artist, it must become a part of your life. How much part of your life you make it is your choice. The rewards on this journey of self discovery are the greatest ones of all!

Is private training available?

Yes. If you want to fast track yourself then one on one and small group training might be for you. Get in touch and find out what is available.

Call or Text: 07971 854579

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I still have questions.

Your truest answers will come through personal experience. Experiencing Martial Arts first hand will provide you your own answers and will be a rewarding way of learning them. Come down and try a class for yourself and find the answers to those questions you have.